Social Dynamics, LLC

About Us

Founded in 2003, Social Dynamics, LLC is a small business located in Gaithersburg, Maryland that specializes in research and analysis in the areas of disability, education, employment, workforce development, and youth. Over the past 10 years, the company has conducted studies with diverse populations and has developed a reputation among its government and commercial clients for dedication, enthusiasm, and innovation in research and analytical services. We are adept at quickly developing an understanding of each client's goals and objectives, long-term plans, and contract requirements, and providing the necessary services to move agencies to the next level of policy and practice. Located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Social Dynamics provides high-quality products and services on time and within budget for Federal, State, and county government agencies, commercial businesses, and private nonprofit organizations.

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Our Services

Social Dynamics provides research, evaluation, and performance measurement services, including technical research and evaluation reports, issue papers, and toolkits designed to disseminate complex information to broad audiences. At Social Dynamics, we specialize in performance and outcome measurement systems; implementation, pilot, and feasibility studies; statistical and analytical services; large-scale data system utilization and improvement services; logic modeling; social/behavioral research; and evaluation capacity building.

Our Partners

As a small business, Social Dynamics has developed excellent working relationships with several notable organizations that provide research and analysis, information system design, and meeting management services. We have created numerous successful partnerships with several highly regarded organizations, including Westat, Mathematica Policy Research, Inc., Altarum Institute, and Institute for Community Inclusion. Social Dynamics' productive partnerships are due in large part to the company's reputation as an innovative firm with a cadre of highly professional and dedicated staff members who understand the benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration and partnerships.

Social Dynamics is always interested in developing new partnerships with companies on the forefront of social research. Queries should be sent to President Dr. Douglas Klayman and Vice President Dr. Susan Labin.

Contract Vehicles

Social Dynamics is please to offer two procurement vehicles: 

GSA/MOBIS SIN numbers 1,3,4

Program Support Center (HHSP23320138I)

Social Dynamics PSC Schedule

Social Dynamics MOBIS Schedule